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If you do not understand why I do this, I do not think my explanation will assist. This is not a confession. This will not be an admission of guilt or a plea for forgiveness. If you would view my words in such a fashion, know that you are not their intended recipient.
The first thing you must know is that I am not from here. I know now why I am here, and why I must always have come here. But I am not from here. I was born in Dole, but I learned to live in the Pletzl. Though I do not live now, I persist. And those that live in the Pletzl will continue to do so. There can be no other way.
It is not my place to question the Lord’s plan. I have met my Rabbi Loew, and I know with certainty who and what that makes me. Though no emet marks my brow, there can be no other explanation. These other monsters are cherem in their ways, but that is their burden and not mine. They make the motions of life, but cannot be so deluded as to be unaware. They need only find their purpose. I am aware of mine. If our paths intersect, it is a sign. Perhaps I can help them to the truth. In the intervening time, I wish only that they stay out of my way. There is a difference between monsters and abominations, and I know to which I must devote my attention.

They come. Always, they will come. But I will be here. And they will die.
-דער באַשיצער פון די ביסל אָרט
From the diary of Gilles Lunel

Gilles Lunel

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