BDR, which stands for Das Blut vom dritten Reich — the Blood of the Third Reich — is Kommandant Vogler’s attempt at bringing the rule of the Nazi Party to Parisian Kindred society. The BDR is structured similarly to traditional Kindred courts, but with an attempt to mimic the organization of the German military, particularly the SS. Some of the traditional ranks of Kindred courts have been replaced by German equivalents — Vogler himself prefers the title of “Kommandant” to “Prince”.

The BDR appears to be the brainchild of Kommandant Vogler, and he believes it to be the rightful successor to the venerable but outdated Invictus. While it’s hard to get information from Kindred in other cities during wartime, particularly from within Germany, it doesn’t appear that the BDR is common back in the Fatherland. There’s little indication that the covenant even exists anywhere outside Vogler’s rule.

One of the elements of the German military that has been brought over is the secret police, administrated by Sheriff Meinhard Möller, or, as he’s called in the BDR court, Polizeichef (Chief of Police). He’s dubbed it the Geheime Stadtpolizei (secret city police), as a bit of a pun on the more well-known mortal organization, the Geheime Staatpolizei (secret state police). Both organizations are better known by their abbreviation: Gestapo. Möller has found a few infiltrators working in the secret police, but even with the use of vampiric disciplines, it’s hard to find the time to ferret them all out.

Nosferatu and Gangrel are forbidden from joining the BDR proper, although they may have some status in the covenant if they work as informants in the Kindred Gestapo. Mongrel informants are quite useful, although they tend to be brutally persecuted if they are caught by their clanmates. Not that the BDR cares too much if a couple Haunts or Savages kill their own.

Members of note:
Kommandant (Commandant) Ruprecht Vogler, the Prince of Paris.
Minister (Secretary) Hans Deichmann, Vogler’s Seneschal.
Polizeichef (Chief of Police) Meinhard Möller, the Sheriff of Paris and head of the Kindred Gestapo.
Geißel (Scourge) Gudrun Klier, the court’s Hound.
Verkünder (Herald) Karsten Schleiermacher, the Prince’s Herald and head of propaganda.

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