The modernist Carthians are a hotbed for moral degeneracy, Marxism, anti-fascism, equal rights, democracy, and other beliefs that have absolutely no part in Kommandant Vogler’s vision of a glorious and pure future. The Carthian Movement is therefore expressly forbidden from operating, recruiting, or existing in Paris.

The problem with this order is that the Carthians were a major presence in Paris before the Nazis came, and had no intent whatsoever to obey the Kommandant’s orders. Since the Nazis came, some members have fled the city, met final death, or even defected, but the majority of the Carthians remain, and their numbers grow — Vogler’s reign makes a wonderful recruitment tool. To escape persecution, the Carthians who remain have gone underground — literally, in many cases, thanks to Paris’s networks of catacombs and sewers, but they also have a network of secret rooms and hideouts within the city proper. The BDR secret police can’t search everywhere.

The Carthians stand against not only Vogler, but the kine Nazis in Paris as well, and offer assistance to Allied soldiers and the French resistance from behind the scenes. The Prefect of the Carthian Movement was, and is, a Gangrel known simply as Renard, and in exile he remains as the head of Carthian resistance efforts. Renard sees the toppling of Vogler not only as a chance to get the city out from under the thumb of the Nazis, but also as a chance to install a Carthian government on top of the ruins of the shattered Invictus. The influx of new recruits presents a problem, however — many of them have joined in order to fight the Nazis, but don’t share Renard’s or the other Carthians’ views on democracy and Kindred politics.

Members of note:
Prefect Renard, nominal leader and organizer of the Parisian Carthians.

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