Character Generation

If you looked over the setting and decided “I’d like to pretend to be a vampire living in the better scenes of Inglourious Basterds”, here’s the page for you!

Attributes: Start at 1, spend 70 for primary, 55xp for secondary, 45xp tertiary. Then you have 25 xp to spread out among all categories however you want. One of your clan’s Favored Attributes must be 2 or higher.
2: 10 xp total
3: 25 xp total
4: 45 xp total
5: 70 xp total

Play: 5 x New Rating.

So you don’t have to check the book to know what your Favored Attributes are:
Daeva: Dexterity or Manipulation
Gangrel: Composure or Stamina
Mekhet: Intelligence or Wits
Nosferatu: Composure or Strength
Ventrue: Presence or Resolve

Skills: 78 primary, 48 secondary, 30 tertiary. Start at 0. Choose three Specialties.
1: 03 xp total
2: 09 xp total
3: 18 xp total
4: 30 xp total
5: 45 xp total

Play: 3 x New Rating, 3xp for a new Specialty.

NOTE ABOUT SKILLS: The Computers skill is an anachronism in 1940: the earliest computers won’t be invented for at least a year and they’re certainly not going to be sitting around where anyone can use them. Computers is therefore replaced with a new Skill, Radio, described below.

Merits: 42 xp. No fighting styles or other merits that grant multiple attacks. You can spend Merit XP on Blood Potency: spend 16xp for Blood Potency 2, 40xp for Blood Potency 3. Because of the language-acquisition opportunities afforded by living in Europe while foreigners march through with guns, you may take one free Language merit, in addition to your native tongue (which unless stated otherwise will be assumed to be French). You can choose this free Language from the languages of the main powers in western Europe: English, German, Italian, or French (if it’s not your native tongue.)

1: 02 xp total
2: 06 xp total
3: 12 xp total
4: 20 xp total
5: 30 xp total

Play: 2 x New Rating for Merits, 8 x New Rating for Blood Potency.

NOTE ABOUT MERITS: Note that, given the setting, some Social merits might be affected. In addition, you have the option of joining the Kommandant’s attempt at starting his own covenant, the BDR. The BDR, intended as a successor to the Invictus, offers the same Merit-cost-discount benefits as the Invictus. The Carthian and Invictus discounts also do apply at character generation. Working as a member of the BDR secret police is represented, for now, by having Status in the BDR proper.

Disciplines: 30xp. Must have at least two dots of in-clan Disciplines.

1: 05 xp total in-clan, 07 xp total out-of-clan
2: 15 xp total in-clan, 21 xp total out-of-clan
3: 30 xp total in-clan, 42 xp total out-of-clan
4: 50 xp total in-clan, 70 xp total out-of-clan
5: 75 xp total in-clan, 105 xp total out-of-clan

Play: 5 x New Rating for in-clan, 7 x New Rating for out-of-clan.

Humanity: Start at 7.
I understand the issues with the Humanity scale as is (nearly killing a guy is a lesser sin than stealing his wallet afterwards) but don’t like the 1-5 scale, so I’ll try not to be too ridiculous about Humanity rolls on property theft/damage. Probably won’t roll for them at all unless you burn down a city block or the Eiffel Tower.

Post-Character Generation XP: After that, you have some XP to spend. At the beginning of the game, there’s 20 xp to spend; after that, the Home Page will tell you how much XP the group has earned.

New Skill: Radio: Computers are still a future pipe dream in the setting of this game, but radios are a ubiquitous tool for communication in wartime. A character with Radio 0 can turn on a typical household radio and listen to the BBC (at least until the Gestapo rolls through and gets all up in your shit for listening to Allied broadcasts) but that’s about it. Increasing levels of Radio skill will allow you to operate more advanced radio setups, set up radio transmitters, deal with interference, jamming, and poor reception to get a better signal, create jamming if you’ve got the equipment, communicate in Morse, triangulate signals if you’ve got the equipment and can get to two places, and utilize the radio protocols of different forces. I’m probably going to handwave a lot of the details of actual radio technology and protocol: just say what you want to do and I’ll work out something simple.

Radio will also apply to other electronic devices that you’re less likely to encounter but may still come across in wartime. It is used for radar equipment. Electronic cipher machines, such as ENIGMA devices, can be used with either Radio or Investigation (the traditional skill for cryptography). Computers won’t be invented for at least another year in game time (at least, in history as we know it…) but if you find one and come across one you can use Radio to use the computer (although pretty much all you could do with computers then was fancy math).

Character Generation

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