Scrap of Paper found on contact’s body

Bring the item with you tonight, location 12, midnight. The payment is as we agreed upon


Page torn out of a diary

June 3rd, 1942

The Red Walker has returned to Paris. I thought I had seen the last of him, but it appears now that I am fated to be hunted by its presence until I find the courage to confront it directly. V will not listen. I suspect more and more that he believes he can contain its power, but he does not see, or chooses not to see. R believes, but he is consumed by his politics and will offer no help. Who remains? G is an idiot child, playacting and hoping that no one will notice how tenuous his grasp on his arts are. M laughed in my face when I told her my concerns. Her God would not allow such a thing to exist, she told me. I have not believed in a God for so many years, I responded. I believe what I see, and I have seen the Walker. I can only hope that my work has progressed far enough by now. I must put in more hours at the sanctum. Hopefully my absence at social functions will go unnoticed. I shall tell Maurice to come up with some plausible explanation. Poor fellow, I know how he hates being thrust into the spotlight.



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