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Paris, France. December, 1942.

It’s been almost three years since June 14th, 1940 — the day the Nazis rolled themselves through the Arc de Triomphe as they marched westward through France. The occupation by the Third Reich has made Paris a tough place to be alive — and, as it turns out, not alive.

In the weeks prior to the invasion, nearly half the city’s population fled, meaning that Paris’s vampire population of nearly four hundred suddenly has to do a lot more sharing of feeding territory than they’d like. Strict curfews from midnight to 5:30 keep everyone but a few soldiers and scofflaws indoors for most of the night. Kindred who remain entangled in the mortal world find that Jewish businesses in their domains are shut down or the degenerate modern art in their galleries ordered removed or destroyed. The old order, represented in the person of former Prince Francois Duval, was swept aside when Duval was killed by the new Prince, Kommandant Ruprecht Vogler. The Nosferatu called Josephine, the second most powerful Invictus lord behind Duval and the focal point of French resistance, has disappeared. Contradictory rumors, some saying she has gone underground, some insisting that she was murdered, swirl around the remaining kindred social circles. Regardless, political and social resistance to the new regime has reached a low point.

Three weeks after the occupation of Paris, the undead of Nazi Germany came to stake their own claim, dressed in uniforms of the SS and led by a blonde, blue-eyed Ventrue Elder — Standartenf├╝hrer Ruprecht Vogler. Vogler wants to annex the undead of Paris for the glory of the Reich. The Prince and his supporters put up a spirited resistance, but were no match for Vogler’s power — or his influence among the mass of soldiers occupying the city. Within only a few nights, Duval was dead and Vogler declared himself Kommandant of Paris.

The maniacal Vogler has taken the twisted racial philosophies of Hitler, and applied them to the Kindred. He believes that vampire society is polluted by the Vitae of impure clans and the blood of impure mortals, and enacts laws reflecting his beliefs. Despite heavy resistance, Kommandant Vogler gets his way through politics when possible and force when necessary. Harsh restrictions are placed on the Nosferatu and Gangrel of the city, the so-called “mongrel clans”, as well as on those who wish to feed from the lesser races of mortals. Worse, as the consequences of his violent reprisals become increasingly more public, and as he continues to use mortal soldiers to destroy his foes, Vogler grows ever closer to breaching the Masquerade. The Kommandant has made many powerful enemies in Paris, but none have been able to unseat him, and if he gets his way, soon no one will stand against him.

The Nazis have come and, as usual, fucked things up for everybody. What are you going to do now?


Experience points awarded as of last session: 50 xp total

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