Before the Nazis came, the Invictus were the ruling covenant in Paris, as is proper. The Prince, Francois Duval, was not well-liked, per se, but he managed to keep things running smoothly and nobody was trying too hard to kill him. When the Nazis came, though, the Invictus found themselves with a number of problems to deal with. The mass emigration of Parisians in the month before the Germans took Paris led to a number of feeding problems, and then the curfew imposed by the Nazis made things worse. Prince Duval tried to maintain order, but fights quickly broke out, as Kindred who’d once hunted in the same territory found themselves in closer quarters with their fellow predators than they’d like. These fights often grew to encompass the holders of those feeding rights, and more than a few low-ranking Invictus found themselves meeting final death in their own territories as they proved unable to ensure blood for all. The stage was set for the arrival of Ruprecht Vogler and his coterie, who took power violently amid the disruption and chaos. Prince Duval was killed and the ruling Invictus was replaced with Vogler’s Kindred Nazi Party, the BDR.

Now, many lesser members of the Invictus have jumped ship to the BDR. Some believe that Vogler’s stricter policies mean he’ll be able to restore feeding rights. Others simply want power, regardless of who can give it to them. The Invictus still remains, with much fewer members, scattered territory, and internal strife. It still carries respect because of its reputation and ancient Roman roots, but the Kommandant would prefer to see the holdouts eventually join the BDR… or die.

Members of note:
Jos├ęphine, Marquise of Paris, is rumored dead or missing.
Former Prince Francois Duval is dead, but was a former member.
Earl Edouard Chapelle, a Gangrel, tries to remain neutral in the Invictus feud.
Bernard Cavey, a Ventrue, has assumed control over the remnants of the Invictus.

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