Lancea Sanctum

The mortals of Paris may have gotten more godless over the years, but the Lancea Sanctum has been around a long time and isn’t going anywhere. Kommandant Vogler allows and encourages the Sanctum to operate, based on a respect for its Christian occultism and Roman roots, and hopes to eventually incorporate it as the religious branch of the BDR.

Part of Vogler’s appreciation for the Lancea Sanctum comes from the fact that its head, Bishop Madeline Morneaux, offered no reluctance to obey his order that all covenants should expel, demote, or simply hide their members of the lesser clans. The Bishop has ordered that the Nosferatu and Gangrel members of the Lancea Sanctum are not to attend meetings with BDR officials and may not speak with the authority of the Sanctum to other covenants. In addition, they are only permitted to give sermons to Gangrel and Nosferatu audiences, and are expected to encourage their fellow mongrels to accept their rightful place as God’s most-damned Damned. These mongrel-sermons are not popular — but they do make a good place for the Nosferatu and Gangrels to congregate and associate. Not all members of the Sanctum agree with these policies, but so far Bishop Morneaux seems unwilling to change her mind or to listen to dissent.

Outside of the Sanctum, the general impression is that the Spears are collaborators with the BDR, and probably full of informants. Attendance to confession has dropped noticeably — no one wants to admit talking to Carthians or letting a Gangrel feed in their territory, since they expect that the secret police will find out about it shortly.

Members of note:
Bishop Madeline Morneaux, head of the Parisian Lancea Sanctum.

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Lancea Sanctum

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