Ordo Dracul

The Ordo Dracul have approximately two dozen members, although they are the second-largest occult covenant in Paris. Prior to the arrival of the Nazis, they were a low-key order, mostly keeping to themselves. Their leader, Johan Gustaffson, sat on the Primogen, but was mostly concerned with interference in the local Wyrm’s Nests and occasionally territorial matters that affected his fellow Dragons.

When the Nazis came, the Ordo Dracul continued keeping to itself. Kommandant Vogler admires their work in attempting to transcend the weaknesses of the Curse, but their founder was Romanian, one of the lower-class races, and so Vogler is wary of possible impure Transylvanian influences. The Dragons are allowed to work and study at the Wyrm’s Nests in Paris, although some of them are worried that this permission will not continue. Gustafsson refused to follow the new Prince’s orders to remove the Nosferatu and Gangrel members, and members of those clans continue to hold high office within the order. Only the Dragons’ low profile in Paris has kept the Prince from getting angry. However, the usually-quiet Gustaffson has also grown more and more outspoken in his criticisms of Vogler, and some in the covenant feel that if he keeps it up, Vogler will come down hard on them.

Members of note:
Josaf Gustafsson, Architect.

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Ordo Dracul

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