Plot Elements


The (late?) Nosferatu elder Josephine, the Bloody Lady, remains either missing or dead. Some rumors have her hiding and directing a resistance from safehouses and sympathetic Kindred’s havens, and some insist that they saw her taken away by the BDR.

Another odd rumor has hit the streets in the last few nights, but no one is sure of its origin, and the more politically savy Kindred have dismissed it as some jealous upstart’s slander. Apparently, the BDR is desperately searching for an object of some sort, and so are the Lancea Sanctum, the BDR’s most powerful allies in Paris. The juicy part is that the BDR seems to very badly want to keep the object out of the Lance’s hands.

Alexis and Cerise have survived the Opera bombing, but Gustafsson’s explosive departure can only mean an equally large upheaval in kindred society.

Jacques has found the diary page, but what does it mean? Who or what is the Red Walker?


Plot Elements

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