Ruprecht Vogler

Titles: Kommandant (Prince) of Paris, Ventrue Priscus
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: BDR

Ruprecht Vogler is the current Prince of Paris, although he has bestowed upon himself the title of “Kommandant”. He hails from Germany, but came into Paris along with a coterie of his closest supporters a few weeks after the Nazis occupied the city. He and his supporters quickly overthrew the current prince, Francois Duval, and took power.

Vogler has a strong affinity for the racial philosophies of Hitler, and believes that vampire society consists of master and lesser clans, just like mortal society. As a result, he has instituted a number of restrictive laws aimed at dealing with the menace of the so-called “mongrel clans”. He has instituted his own organization, called Das Blut vom dritten Reich (the Blood of the Third Reich), or BDR for short. Vogler intends for this organization to eventually become the ruling covenant of all Kindred under the Third Reich, and replace the Invictus.

Little is known about Vogler and his coterie prior to their arrival in Paris. Vogler is a German native, and has been a vampire for at least a century. Unlike other members of the BDR, he actually does appear to hold rank within the SS, as a Standartenf├╝hrer (roughly, a colonel). How he obtained or maintains his rank is unknown, but his standing has allowed him to use the military of Germany to apply pressure and force to his enemies where necessary.

Appearance: In appearance, Vogler is a healthy, fit man in his thirties, with blue eyes and blonde hair — the epitome of the Aryan physique.

Ruprecht Vogler

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