Session 6 Log

[15:51] <s_t> -
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[15:53] <s_t> The night is getting older and older, and in about four hours the sun will make its appearance. Five vampires will have to hurry to finish their business before their curse forces them back into hiding.
[16:12] <s_t> The phone call remains at the front of Alexis’s mind. Cerise and Gilles have been tasked with finding the same man, on the same night. One has to get rid of him, and the other has to pump him for information, at least as well as a walking slab of clay can pump someone for information.
[16:15] <s_t> Alexis, along with his poisoned new friend, have arrived in front of #24 rue mallarme.

[16:16] <voxpvoxd> At 24 Rue Mallarme, two dead men seek satisfaction. One needs answers. The other, a saucer of milk. Simple enough. Alexis Carrel is a tattered toff, in his worst travelling cloak and most rumpled hat. He doesn’t want to attract attention, going to a place like this. This is not somewhere you want to be seen. Does anything impede them getting inside?

[16:17] <illrepute> The pale italian clings to the corner of the alley before the street for as long as he can before following his guardian to door.

[16:18] <s_t> The door swings open, and the temperature rises by twenty degrees. Soft jazz plays from a recording, and a few customers lounge with women on chairs. No one moves to greet the two new men.

[16:20] <illrepute> Giano slouches at the threshold, eyes sweeping slowly across the room. He steadies himself on the doorframe before asking of Carrell: “…How can this be.”

[16:20] <voxpvoxd> Ordinarily greeting newcomers is something the hostess would do, and as luck would have it, the hostess is precisely why they’re here. So of course she isn’t around, doing her job. That would be too easy. He glances back at Giano. “Don’t ask.”

[16:22] <illrepute> He raises an unsteady hand to pat down the wisp of thinning hair jutting atop his head. “I feel I must.”
[16:23] <illrepute> He glances longingly back into the nighttime street behind them. “Do the germans allow this? Do they not care?”

[16:25] <voxpvoxd> Carrel tries to snort, but it’s less than impressive when you forget to have air in your lungs. It sounds like a small dog’s sneeze. Surely there’s some unoccupied girl he can hector. “Where is the hostess? I need to speak to Cerise.”

[16:27] <s_t> A woman with short-cropped blonde hair emerges from a side room. “How can I help you dear? Cerise is out, and she doesn’t tell me when she’ll be back.”

[16:27] <illrepute> It is left to Giano to quietly close the door behind him and follow Carrel into the building.

[16:29] <voxpvoxd> Carrel: “We need a place to wait for her, quietly, and-” Glances back at Giano. “Milk. A saucer of milk.” He gives the young woman a pointed, withering look. “I’ll pay for the space, and the milk. Just keep me out of sight.”

[16:31] <s_t> The woman considers the odd request and looks over the doctor. “You know this isn’t a restaurant, right? What did you say your name was again?”

[16:31] <mirdath> Elsewhere, Cerise hails a cab. “24 Rue Mallarme. Quickly, please.”

[16:32] <hrolf> As it arrives, Jacques opens a door and gestures Cerise to hop in. “After you.”

[16:32] <s_t> There’s not much traffic aside from other taxis in the wee hours of the morning. Cerise and Jacques make it to the brothel in ten minutes.

[16:32] <voxpvoxd> Carrel: “I know what this place is. Milk, and some privacy.”

[16:33] <mirdath> Cerise pays the driver and enters the old house. “Alexis? I thought you said you were taking him to your place!”

[16:33] <illrepute> Giano quietly undoes the button of his coat pocket and, with some effort, dredges out the struggling kitten. He holds the bedraggled creature in explanation.

[16:34] <s_t> Marie hurries to the kitchen and comes back with a bottle of milk and a saucer. She hands it to Giano.

[16:35] <hrolf> Jacques enters after her, scraping his boots on the mat and peering about with a faint expression of distaste.

[16:36] <voxpvoxd> Alexis glares at the offending housepet, as if it were the cause of all his troubles. As if the kitten had attacked his sire. “I wasn’t anticipating pets. Is there somewhere we can talk?”

[16:37] <mirdath> “Certainly, there’s a sitting room upstairs. Follow me.” Cerise thanks Marie and leads the group to the staircase.

[16:39] <illrepute> The saucer and bottle clink together awkwardly in Giano’s hand as he negotiates the stairs behind the others.

[16:43] <voxpvoxd> As soon as the sitting room is pointed out, Alexis bursts through the door, reaching into an inner pocket and extracting a little notepad. He scribbles at it as it sits, and everyone else gets in and the door is shut behind the last entrant.

[16:43] <hrolf> Jacques follows last into the sitting room, suspisciously looking about the corridor before shutting the door.

[16:43] <hrolf> “Alright. Let’s talk.”

[16:45] <illrepute> Giano finds an unoccupied space and kneels to the ground, placing first the kitten on the floor before setting down the saucer and fiddling desperately with the lid of the milk bottle.

[16:45] <voxpvoxd> “Rings.” The doctor is reading off of his own notes, which he has just written. “He said rings. Do you know anything about rings? Rings people would want to find? It’s not clear to me if he means jewelery rings, or collars. Maybe he was trying to say ‘waves’ but his sinuses were clogged. I don’t— rings!”

[16:46] <hrolf> Jacques goggles Carell as if he’s gone mad. “What?”

[16:47] <illrepute> The lid comes up with a quiet pop, and Giano emits a quiet sound of alarm as the kitten immediately begins to scrabble across the floor away from him. He reaches down and pins it gently to the wood floor as the bottle in his left hand threatens to spill. Carefully, carefully he tugs the kitten back to the saucer and carefully pours the milk.

[16:49] <voxpvoxd> Carrel flips to a clean blank page, scribbling as he talks. “I received a phone call when I got home. It was my sire, Brother Freese. He sounded as if he were under terrible duress. He asked me, no,” he draws a line through a word he just wrote- “He implored me to find the rings, or collars, or waves. Then there was the sound of, of terrible physical violence, and the line went dead.”

[16:50] <hrolf> Jacques frowns. “And you haven’t attempted to find out what happened? Where does he live?”

[16:50] <illrepute> He sets down the bottle and, with both hands, gently sets the kitten down before the saucer and staring expectantly.

[16:51] <voxpvoxd> Carrel: “He’s my direct link to the covenant. Without him I don’t have anyone to contact, to find out what happened. He lives at the cathedral of Notre Dame. I would have gone there first, rather than here, but.” His voice gets small. “I feared it wasn’t safe.”

[16:51] <mirdath> “Rings. Nothing here, we only have people we want to find, not jewelry.” Cerise frowns. “Or a person, right now.”

[16:54] <greatclownvoxpvoxd> “Who are you looking for. Is this Vogler’s task?”

[16:54] <hrolf> “I- well surely you want to find out if your sire’s still even…do you want to go to the Cathedral? If you’re afraid, we can come with you.”

[16:54] <greatclownvoxpvoxd> “Are you armed? It sounded as if they were under attack.”

[16:55] <mirdath> “What else? Gawain’s beside himself over it, and I can’t say I’m too happy either, but it needs doing.”

[16:55] <hrolf> Jacques pats the holster under his coat. “Yes.”

[16:58] <greatclownvoxpvoxd> “Gawain is a lunatic and a fop. If he were beside himself any more often he’d be Siamese twins.” Ha. That was clever. Despite his distress Carrel has the presence of mind to note down this bon mot. “Come with me to the Cathedral, and then we can focus on this assassination business. What if the Dragons are hitting back against the Spears? We’re the only covenant in good standing.”

[16:59] <s_t> The kitten laps up the milk happily, ignoring the undead monstrosities sitting all around it.

[16:59] <hrolf> Jacques already at the door, opening it. “We may not have a lot of time here.”

[16:59] <voxpvoxd> Giano is the only monstrosity here.

[17:02] <illrepute> Giano sighs and allows himself to sag back into the wall behind him, letting his legs sprawl out before him. He listens quietly to the furtive words being thrown around the room.

[17:04] <mirdath> Cerise shrugs. “I probably shouldn’t, but let’s get going. We don’t need Brother Freese getting any more dead than he already is.”

[17:04] <voxpvoxd> “Oh, not you too.”

[17:04] <hrolf> Jacques hears the sigh and throws a suspiscious glance in Giano’s direction. He motions to Carrell: “You trust your pet?”

[17:06] <voxpvoxd> Carrel is already rising. How fortunate that he didn’t take off his cloak. “What? Oh. Yes. Giano is fine. And he was a soldier. Come! Leave the cat in the cathouse for now.”

[17:08] <illrepute> Giano’s hea dslumps forward at this comment, his eyelids slowly pulling back to reveal a tired stare. He rises, nodding, and following the others.

[17:11] <s_t> Notre Dame cathedral stands darkened in the middle of Paris. The only light visible is the glow of votive candles coming through the colored glass panes. As the group approaches, the bells ring toll four times.

[17:12] <s_t> The huge wooden doors are closed. This part of the city lies silent.

[17:13] <illrepute> He spares a look back at the kitten before quietly shutting the door and following the others out into the night.

[17:16] <cbn> As the bell tolls for some, others make haste to avoid the same, figuratively or literally. Gilles hustles along all due haste to the Trumpeter, burning midnight oil to avoid burning (in) daylight soon enough.

[17:19] <s_t> Deep in the 4th Arrondissement, Gilles finds the place. It’s tucked into an alleyway. It’s discreet, no tables out on the sidewalk, no markers except for a sign of a man blowing into a trumpet hanging outside.

[17:22] <voxpvoxd> Carrel looks at Jacques: “You should take point, you’re the only one of us with any rank.”

[17:23] <s_t> The door is closed, but Gilles can make out the faint sound of jazz coming through.

[17:23] <cbn> Gilles, mindful of both basic politeness and also the Rabbi’s words, just the same reaches up to double-check that his hood is drawn and scarf firmly in place as he approaches the door.
[17:25] <cbn> Steeling himself, he opens the door and, barring any, well, barring of his progress, steps through.

[17:26] <hrolf> Jacques nods. He looks around, scanning the area around the doors. The dark feels like an old friend, and he attunes himself to it, trying to see anything out of the ordinary – is there anything?

[17:27] <s_t> If he were still living, Gilles would have appreciated the warmth of the restaurant compared to the street outside. On the inside, the Trumpeter is clearly just the kind of place Kindred would flock to: illuminated only by candles on the tables, dark corners where patrons can lurk, and luxurious booths where they can relax away from the world.

[17:27] <illrepute> Giano has his hands in his pockets as he loiters with the others at the gaping mouth of the cathedral. His head is drooped, eyes closed.

[17:28] <s_t> A jazz band plays while two dozen patrons sit at tables or booths and nurse their drinks. The bar is full, and a bouncer regards Gilles as he passes.

[17:29] <s_t> Jacques’s eyes adjust to the darkness, but nothing seems out of place.

[17:31] <s_t> Gilles can tell instinctively who’s a vampire, who’s a ghoul, and who are the humans who just happen to like trendy clubs.

[17:32] <hrolf> Wracked by nervousness, Jacques cautiously walks up to the door and bangs on it. He clears his throat. “Open in the name of the Occupational Authority.”

[17:32] <cbn> Gilles manages a nod to the bouncer in passage, and, finding the nearest empty booth (such decadence) and begins looking around for his contact. It is then that he makes a revelation that requires him to grip the edge of the table in order to keep from smacking himself in the head: I got a name and the fact that he’s not-like-me, and nothing else. I am the worst at this.

[17:32] <illrepute> Giano’s own eyes shift from corpse to corpse. He opens his mouth, and after a few moments summons the courage to speak, addressing the madame. “…What stake do you have in this?” He looks pointedly toward the cathedral.

[17:33] <s_t> No one seems to respond for a while, until you hear footsteps. Something clunks from behind the door, and it yawns open. A monk in his habit peers out. “Yes?”

[17:34] <mirdath> “More than you, I’d guess. Alexis is one of us now, or at least went along with it, no matter how he feels about Gawain. And he and I have a job to do.”

[17:35] <s_t> A few minutes after Gilles sits down, a waiter approaches. “Excuse me, sir. The patron at the booth over there he points wanted me to tell you he’s sitting over there. He seems to be expecting you.”

[17:35] <hrolf> Jacques glances behind him, as if to make sure the rest of the group is still here. “I’m looking for one of your order. A Brother Freese.”

[17:36] <illrepute> “I see,” Giano mumbles.

[17:37] <s_t> The monk is kindred, and Dr. Carrel recognizes Albert Gutierrez, the Lancea Sanctum’s treasurer. “I…oh, Brother Freese? He left, yesterday, on a trip to Rheims. Why, what is this about?”

[17:37] <cbn> Gilles nods and offers a meek, gravelly “Merci” in response, rising and moving to the booth as indicated. Still manages to adjust his scarf three or four times in the span of a dozen or so feet, too.

[17:38] <hrolf> Jacques turns around and motions Alexis to step forward. Turning back to the monk: “May we come in?”

[17:39] <s_t> Gutierrez recognizes Carrel. “Oh, hello Doctor. I’m afraid your sire isn’t here at the moment. Yes, of course, come in. A bit late for confession isn’t it?” The monk laughs at his own joke and lets the four in.

[17:41] <s_t> Fernand Mais is a slight man, wearing a black beret and looking into his drink. “So, are you the man I’m supposed to inform, or an assassin come to kill me? I didn’t know which one would find me first.”

[17:44] <cbn> He responds by way of a soft, rumbling chuckle. “I have been given the impression I am to be the former, sir.”

[17:44] <s_t> The jazz band switches numbers while patrons nod appreciably along. “Is it a sin, is it a crime, loving you like I do? If it’s a crime, then I’m guilty, guilty of loving you…”

[17:46] <s_t> “Well then, what did you want to know? I had…cleared my schedule, and I got a call from the Jewish Underground, and now I am here. So? Ask away.”

[17:46] <voxpvoxd> Carrel: “I… I received a phone call from Brother Freese, about two hours ago. He was distraught, he said some very confusing things. It sounded as if something were attacking him, violently. Do you know why he was in Rheims?”

[17:47] <s_t> “Oh, dear. Someone attacking Brother Freese? Why would anyone do that. He was going to examine some relics from their cathedral’s archives…”

[17:47] <voxpvoxd> Carrel: “He mentioned something about rings… I think. He wasn’t making much sense.”

[17:48] <cbn> Gilles gestures to the boothspace across from Fernand. “May I?” He clears his throat. “I was told you may be able to tell me about a certain ring, or its craftsman?”

[17:49] <s_t> “I’m not sure about…are you certain it was Brother Freese on the telephone?”

[17:50] <s_t> Fernand motions. “Of course, sit down, sit down. So you have the ring then?” He chuckles. “Have you tried it out yet?”

[17:52] <cbn> Gilles sits, furrowing a brow as best he can. “Have I…I’m sorry, have I tried what with it?”

[17:52] <voxpvoxd> Carrel: “I would stake my life on it.”

[17:53] <s_t> Fernand holds up his left hand. A bronze ring is on his ring finger. “Have you tried it on? Rings are meant to be worn, after all.”

[17:53] <s_t> Gutierrez: “I’m sorry, Doctor. I…I don’t know what to make of what you’re telling me…”

[17:54] <voxpvoxd> “What was he going to Rheims to look at? Do you know specifically?”

[17:55] <s_t> “No. Brother Freese keeps to himself, mostly. He was studying…well, I’m not sure, really. He showed me some diagrams about a month ago, but I never had the talent for that sort of thing.”

[17:56] <voxpvoxd> “Did he leave them here? Can I take a look in his room?”

[17:56] <cbn> Gilles tugs off a loose-fitting mitten and reveals a gnarled, knobby mitt of a hand. “Were these the Grimm tale, I fear the prince would not be asking me to put on the slipper.” He chuckles faintly. “The thought did not cross my mind. What does it…do, then?”

[17:56] <hrolf> “He left yesterday? Who saw him go?”

[17:59] <s_t> Fernand sips his drink. “May I see it? It might have several different effects.”

[18:00] <s_t> Gutierrez: “Of course, his quarters are down the hall. I did not see him go. Like I said, he keeps to himself…he did not speak to you about this, Doctor? You are his childe, after all…”

[18:01] <voxpvoxd> Carrel: “Not a word. Excuse me.” Alexis makes his way to his sire’s cell, not motioning for the others to follow but not telling them to stay behind, either.

[18:02] <hrolf> Jacques, of course, follows closely after him.

[18:02] <cbn> Gilles produces the ring, still in the box, and slides it across the table, keeping hands over it to shield from prying eyes. He withdraws his hands and looks to Fernand. “Take a look.”

[18:03] <illrepute> Giano follows cautiously, his scuffed shoes tapping soft against the stone floor.

[18:03] <s_t> Brother Freese’s quarters have been recently cleaned, obviously. The room is small and lacking in any luxuries, but it exudes comfort and routine. A small desk is next to the bed, and there are two bookshelves, full of texts on obscure and arcane matters.

[18:04] <s_t> Fernand picks it up and examines the inside of the ring. “Ah, so you have one like mine. Not the most coveted, of course, but you’ll find yourself wondering how you could have lived without it.”

[18:06] <voxpvoxd> Carrel runs his index finger along the spine of one of the ritual books, contemplating it, before he turns his attention to a search for Brother Freese’s personal notes. Is there any indication of what he was working on, or what occupied his attention, before his departure?

[18:06] <cbn> “As the Americans say of their Rube Goldberg, that is well and good, but what does it do?”

[18:06] <s_t> “Put it on! I won’t spoil the surprise for you. Oh, don’t worry, it won’t hurt you.”

[18:08] <s_t> Brother Freese’s notes all point to his extensive work regarding the metaphysics of the human and kindred souls, and whether they can ever be regarded or isolated as tangible objects.

[18:08] <cbn> Gilles complies, because, well. Only so much night left. Attempting to slide the ring onto his left hand’s least-deformed finger, he mentally crosses all his others, waiting for something.

[18:08] <s_t> Fernand looks at Gilles expectantly. “Well?”

[18:09] <voxpvoxd> Any sign of the diagrams Gutierrez was talking about?

[18:09] <cbn> Gilles blinks a few times, opens and closes his left hand. “Well.” He stares at his hand.

[18:10] <s_t> Complicated, seemingly nonsensical diagrams of complicated spiritual relationships, of Man and God, of Kindred and God, of Man and Kindred, and on and on, take up a few pages, yes.

[18:11] <s_t> “Really? No reaction?” Fernand shrugs. “Well, I suppose it’s different for everyone.” He calls a waiter over. “Two steaks, please. One medium, one…” He looks at Gilles with an eyebrow raised.

[18:13] <cbn> Gilles waves it away. “Thank you but no. Keeping kosher best I can, considering.”

[18:14] <s_t> “Oh, don’t worry, they have kosher food here. Bring my friend something, anything, please.” Fernand turns back to Gilles. “Well, while we’re waiting, I’m sure you’re bursting with questions.”

[18:15] <cbn> Gilles nods slowly. “Yes. What was this—-” he flexes his hand again “—-supposed to do? And why would it do anything?”

[18:16] <hrolf> Jacques clicks his tongue in irritation and turns to Cerise. “Looks like he’s going to be here a while, anything you want to do?”

[18:16] <s_t> Fernand signals the waiter again and he hurries over with two drinks. “Here, have something. I know you’re a Jew, but still, I’m sure God won’t mind you trying it out. For science, and all that.”

[18:16] <mirdath> “We could see about visiting Mais, I suppose.”

[18:17] <s_t> “You haven’t figured it out yet?” Fernand swirls his drink in front of Gilles’s face. “This is whiskey. Not blood, not water, just whiskey. And look! I’m not vomiting it up a second after drinking it.”

[18:17] <cbn> Gilles shrugs. “I suppose this is in service to those with a calling, so.” Gilles raises the drink to toast and takes an exploratory sip. Better to throw up a little bit, if it’s going to happen.

[18:19] <s_t> The taste…is nothing like Gilles has experienced in a long, long, long time. It burns his throat, yes, but in a way that yanks him back to his earliest memories of life. Flavors assault his senses.

[18:19] <s_t> “Doesn’t taste like ash, does it?” Fernand smiles.

[18:19] <hrolf> “Might as well. I suppose I could alert my colleagues to look into this monk’s disappearance.”

[18:20] <mirdath> “I think we should maybe wait on that, give Alexis a chance to find what he can.”

[18:20] <cbn> Gilles cracks a smile. Horrifying. “I will admit I am not one to have much experience in such matters, but no. This tastes like…a taste. Odd. So that is what this bauble is for? Indulgence?”

[18:20] <s_t> “How much do you know about the Ordo Dracul?”

[18:20] <hrolf> Jacques shrugs. “It’s of no concern to me either way. Lead on.”

[18:22] <mirdath> Cerise turns and leaves for the Trumpeter. “Alright, let’s go then. He can call a cab for himself this time.”

[18:22] <cbn> “Little. Were they not one of the look-the-other-way contingents when…” he waves a hand. “…this all started?”

[18:24] <s_t> “Oh yes. They didn’t pay any attention to Vogler’s new laws. Too busy working on these Fernand holds up his ring to care, I suppose. And the Architect isn’t like that. Obsessed with his work, yes, but not a bigot.”

[18:25] <s_t> “They try and transcend the limitations of our curse. I’ve seen them resist the call of the beast, expose a hand to the sun for a full thirty seconds and suffer only a mild burn, things you wouldn’t believe. And, of course, they made these rings.”

[18:27] <cbn> Gilles nods and replaces the mitten on his ringed hand. “Well, ignoring the suffering of many does leave one time to focus on the indulgence of the few, apparently.”

[18:28] <s_t> “I worked with the Dragons. They’re…eccentric. But the ones in Paris aren’t like Vogler and his wolves.”

[18:28] <s_t> Fernand looks around the room. “And…these aren’t the only rings they made.”

[18:30] <cbn> He blinks. “Continue…”

[18:30] <s_t> The street is still deserted by the time Jacques and Cerise (and Giano?) arrive at the Trumpeter.

[18:31] <s_t> “This one was the first. To be able to eat and drink again! You still have to drink blood, but no more walking by a kine restaurant and not being able to partake! It’s a miracle, as far as I’m concerned.”

[18:32] <s_t> “That’s what I worked with the Ordo on. I didn’t see the more advanced stuff, mind you. The Architect worked on that personally. But rumors got out that before that little show two nights ago, he was making rings that reduce these ones into meaningless trinkets.”

[18:32] <s_t> “But, there was a problem.”

[18:33] <cbn> Gilles lowers his hood. “You will forgive me if such opportunities fail to fill me with a particular joie de vive, no pun intended.”

[18:33] <mirdath> Cerise blinks as her eyes adjust to the candlelight. “Well, here we are. Recognize anyone, Jacques?”

[18:34] <s_t> “Well, whatever. We’re not all sewer dwelling horrors, no offense. But listen. I’m either gonna be out of town or dead in the next couple of nights, and I figure the Jews are nice enough to know about this.”

[18:35] <s_t> “Vogler’s people got wind of what the Architect was doing. He found out I was helping them, so both the Ordo and the Circle go on his shit list. Then…well…”

[18:36] <cbn> Gilles smiles—-horrifying again, condolences—-and nods. “For what it’s worth, we appreciate the clarification, and the acknowledgement.”

[18:36] <s_t> “Look, i’ve lived long enough to know when the elders are doing something they probably shouldn’t be doing. I never got that feeling with the Ordo, though. However they made them, and this is where it’s beyond my ken, it was pretty legitimate. No horrible centuries old rituals or what have you.”

[18:37] <hrolf> Jacques adjusts his coat aroud him, blinking dumbly as the glare from adjusting from the dimly lit streets outside to the well lit establishment slowly fades. He rubs his eyes in irritation, not really looking around. “I don’t know- surely you know this man we’re looking for better.”

[18:38] <s_t> “But when Vogler finds out, the Architect loses it. He packs his equipment up, the Ordo gets the word they’re going underground, and I hear that he’s freaking out because Vogler wants to start working on rings, but they’re going to use a different method. A method the Architect doesn’t like.”

[18:39] <s_t> Fernand’s eyes sweep over Jacques and Cerise. “Fuck. You better leave, friend.”

[18:39] <cbn> Gilles nods slowly. “Sounds in keeping with Vogl—-wait, what?”

[18:40] <s_t> “I was expecting either you or whoever Vogler sent out to shut the rest of the Circle up. Looks like the latter just showed up. Over there, by the entrance.”

[18:41] <cbn> Gilles flips his hood up as he turns to look. The curse of a memorable face and all that.

[18:41] <mirdath> “I have not been the best, or most active, member of the Circle in Paris…” Cerise begins, “…but, something’s up with those two.” She nods in the direction of Gilles and Fernand.

[18:42] <s_t> The band finishes their song, and the audience claps. “Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. We’ll be here all week,” the singer says before they begin playing again.

[18:43] <s_t> “Close your eyes, rest your head on my shoulder and sleep, close your eyes, and I will close mine…”

[18:43] <hrolf> Jacques freezes. The face may be partially covered by a hood, but he’s not like to forget the shape and size of that monstrosity from the sewers. His hand slips under his coat to touch on his gun, and he moves rapidly in their direction.

[18:45] <s_t> Fernand turns back to Gilles as the S.S. officer strides towards them. “So. You want to know more, find the Architect, or his right-hand man, Maurice Vanderbergh.”

[18:48] <mirdath> “Sit down, you two. This isn’t what you’re expecting, I hope.” Cerise pulls a chair from an empty table nearby and seats herself. “You too, Jacques.”

[18:49] <s_t> Fernand downs the rest of his drink and grimaces. “So. Gawain ran to Vogler after all. And I suppose you’re here to kill me. Well, I won’t run. I’m done.”

[18:56] <hrolf> To Mais: “What is your business with this…man?”

[18:59] <s_t> “He is my acquaintance. Has Vogler passed a new law forbidding those?”

[19:00] <hrolf> Jacques snorts. “I thought he didn’t leave the sewers.”

[19:00] <cbn> Gilles bears teeth. “I see you scuttled out of them just fine as well.”

[19:03] <mirdath> “Anyway, Mais. As I was saying…. I’m not here to kill you. Gawain doesn’t want anyone dead for this. I can help you go to ground, and then we can find a way to get you out of the city safely.”

[19:04] <s_t> Fernand regards Cerise. “I’ve got a way out lined up. I’m not going to walk out of this place with you, sorry. That way lies a bullet in the back of the head.”

[19:05] <s_t> “Hmph. Gawain isn’t trying to murder me? Well, that’s nice of him. Send him my regards.”

[19:06] <mirdath> “No skin off my nose.” Cerise shrugs. “If you have an out already, take it.”

[19:07] <mirdath> “I will. Just make sure you get out soon — tonight, if possible. And give me something we can take to Vogler to cover for you. I don’t care what.”

[19:08] <s_t> “My friends tell me Vogler wanted us dead. Gawain is taking a big risk letting us go. I guess he hasn’t totally gone over to the other side, is that it?”

[19:08] <mirdath> “He’s playing it very close. I think that’s about all I can say — you understand, yes?”

[19:09] <hrolf> Jacques has been staying silent with arms folded, scowling at nothing in particular and rocking his chair slightly. He finally breaks his silence, turning to Cerise- “Bit too close, if you ask me.” He points an accusatory finger at Mais. “Aren’t you the least bit curious what he’s been up to?”

[19:10] <s_t> Fernand’s sags into the booth. “I thought this was it. End of the road.”

[19:13] <cbn> Gilles scowls. That still translates clearly enough through his visage. “Isn’t this all academic, when that one—-” he gestures to Jacques “—-will just turn you over the next time he’s licking his master’s boots?”

[19:14] <s_t> Fernand ignores Jacques, and stands up. “I’ll take the hint. Thank you, Cerise. You will not see me in Paris again. Someone will deliver something to you that will hopefully convince Vogler.” He extends his hand to Cerise.

[19:15] <hrolf> Jacques starts at the insult, his hand going under his coat again, but controls himself and draws it out empty handed. “As long as he’s out of the city, I don’t care.”

[19:16] <mirdath> “Godspeed.” Cerise grasps Fernand’s hand quickly and drops it. “And get going.” She smiles and points him toward the door.

[19:17] <cbn> Gilles tilts his head and regards Cerise. “And what are you in all this? You’re keeping company like that, yet you aren’t behaving a complete monster.”

[19:18] <s_t> Fernand Mais walks into the hallway leading through the kitchen and disappears. Cerise feels something in her palm where he left it.

[19:18] <mirdath> “Believe me, it wasn’t my idea, but he’s growing on me.”

[19:19] <s_t> The three vampires are left in each other’s company.

Session 6 Log

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