The Laws

These are the laws that Vogler has currently enacted. Many of them are intended to persecute the mongrel clans — i.e., the Nosferatu and Gangrel.

The Mongrel Laws.

  • Mongrels may not feed within Paris. There are small neighborhoods on the outskirts of Paris in the suburbs where mongrels may feed.

Vogler’s most unpopular law. The neighborhoods set aside for the mongrels are not large enough to support all the Haunts and Savages of Paris. Fights are common, and eventually the prevalence of anemia and exsanguination deaths is going to cause trouble for the Masquerade. There are some territory holders who secretly allow mongrels to feed in their territory within Paris — for the right price, of course. Some members of the mongrel clans just don’t give a fuck and feed anyway, knowing that the Prince’s secret police isn’t big enough to monitor everywhere in Paris at once. They play a sort of Russian roulette, feeding as they desire and playing the odds, figuring that the Gestapo probably isn’t patrolling the streets they’re feeding on tonight.

  • Mongrels may not be extended the benefit of Elysium.

Only the BDR has the right to declare Elysium anyway. The Kommandant has exercised this law in his court on multiple occasions, performing executions or (more rarely) lesser physical punishments freely.

  • Mongrels may not appear before the Kommandant’s court unless a member of a higher clan takes responsibility for them.

This rule is occasionally waived, although only in circumstances where, for some reason, a member of the court has summoned a mongrel specifically. Given that mongrels have no benefit from Elysium, mongrels are advised to bring an advocate, even if they don’t need one.

  • Covenants which have mongrels among their members must exile them from their ranks. If exile is not feasible, mongrels must be demoted to the lower ranks. If this is not feasible, mongrels must be kept from the public view and may not have an advisory role within the covenant.

Not all of the covenants followed this order. The Lancea Sanctum obeyed wholeheartedly, while the Ordo Dracul appears to have ignored it completely. As a corollary of this law, mongrels may not join the BDR at all, except for a few mongrels who are willing to sell out their clanmates as informants to the BDR secret police.

  • Mongrels may not perform the Embrace.

A corollary of a more general law, see below.

Other Laws.

  • Murder of a kine member of the German military or government is strictly forbidden.

Despite acknowledging that Kindred are above kine, Vogler wants the Nazis to succeed in the mortal world. Feeding from Nazi soldier is usually acceptable, as long as the soldier survives. Mongrels are not allowed to feed from Nazi soldiers, even within the territories set aside for them, although it’s not like the Prince’s men can check easily. Murder does not include the Embrace, although see the next law.

  • Embracing requires the Kommandant’s explicit permission.

See the question and answer below for the Kommandant’s feelings regarding the Embrace. Mongrels are forbidden from Embracing entirely. The blood of the mortal and of the Kindred are taken into account — only the noble Ventrue may Embrace an Aryan, while Daeva and Mekhet must content themselves with Embracing lesser Indo-Europeans. Vogler would never consent to allow any Kindred to Embrace a member of the Untermenschen. Violations are punishable by whatever penalty the Kommandant deems appropriate, from a stern reprimand to loss of feeding privileges to death for the sire and childe. An Embrace that the Kommandant was likely to permit anyway may slide. A vampire who wishes to secretly perform an Embrace that the Kommandant finds abhorrent had best hope Vogler never hears of it.

  • Only the Kommandant may designate a place as Elysium.

Mongrels, of course, have no right to the protections of Elysium anyway. The Kommandant may also violate Elysium at will, if he feels it necessary.

  • German is to be spoken all court proceedings.

The official tongue of the BDR is German, and all proceedings in court are to be done in German. If you do not speak German, it is advised that you bring a translator. Otherwise, a translator may or may not be provided for you, depending on how much the Kommandant wants to hear what you have to say.

  • The Carthian Movement may not operate, recruit, hold meetings, convene, or in any other way exist within Paris.

The Carthians, with their ideas of democracy and anti-fascism, stand in stark opposition to Vogler, and thus they have been outlawed. The Carthians still exist, but as a result of this law, they work in secret.

Setting question: Does mortal blood or vampire blood take precedence in BDR policy? Would Dietrich Krieger, Aryan Nosferatu, be a good German first or a mongrel Haunt first? Similarly, would Ukrainian Ventrue Anton Chernovic be accepted as a Lord or shunned as a Slav? Obviously there’d be mixed, context-dependent feelings among actual characters given their personal prejudices, but I would think, in the spirit of the laws for the protection of German blood and honor, that there would also be an official legal answer to the question.

In the eyes of the BDR, Kindred tops mortal blood for legal purposes. Dietrich would still have to feed in the Designated Areas and Anton still gets to join the BDR. However, the nature of your mortal blood can affect your “unofficial” status subtly.

The Kommandant is a fanatic in this regard, and would unequivocally feel that Dietrich is an insult to good Aryan blood. Nonetheless, he still has some good blood somewhere, and the less strident members of the BDR may treat him slightly better than, say, a Roma Nosferatu.

Anton is a Ventrue, and is still the pinnacle of Kindred blood in the eyes of the Kommandant — he will still get invited to the occasional Ventrue-only entertainment, for instance. But Anton still has some Slav in him, and may find himself receiving less-prestigious honors than, say, proper German Ventrue.

The Kommandant dislikes these sorts of scenarios immensely, and feels that the whole situation would be avoided if only Kindred would Embrace within their status. Ventrue should Embrace Aryans, if they can manage, or at least good decent Indo-Europeans. Daeva and Mekhet should stay away from the Aryans but can have the decent Indo-Europeans as well as the less-reprensible Slavs and Easterners. Gangrel and Nosferatu — well, frankly, they shouldn’t Embrace anybody, but if they do they need to keep it to the Untermenschen. Kommandant Vogler grants permission to Embrace along these lines.

The Laws

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